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Welcome to GameEd 411! 




GameEd 411 is a wiki for sharing information about free educational digital games. It was created as a resource for a presentation given to librarians of member libraries of the Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES School Library System in Rochester, New York.  If you have not been following the recent research and development of educational games, please take a moment to read our Why Games, Why Now page and our Wait, there's more! page. You will be amazed.


The initial list of games came from searching the Internet for recommendations by reviewers and educators.  It is our goal to maintain this wiki as a resource for anyone who wishes to use games in the classroom. We know there are many wonderful games that are not yet on the list and that the information about each game can be revised and expanded.  We are, therefore, asking for your input.  


Each game has its own wiki page to facilitate sharing information about that particular game.  Please feel free to add comments. You must log in to post a comment and it only takes a minute to create an account. Especially useful would be comments about how you used the game in your classroom and in support of what subject. Please share with what age group you played the game and whether you felt it was a good fit.  Also helpful would be how long it took to play the game.  


If you would like other game titles added to the wiki, just contact us or write a comment on the front page.  Include as much supporting information as possible.


The games titles are listed alphabetically on the sidebar and GameEd 411 is searchable by keyword.  Age recommendations are broadly classified as Preschool, Elementary, Middle or High.  If searching by age, we recommend you use the one word description, e.g. “Middle” and not “Middle School.”  Boolean searches such as "Middle AND Social Studies" also work.


A printable copy of the list is available by clicking this link:  Educational Digital Games.pdf.



Karen Mitchell

Library Research Technician 

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES







Comments (3)

jreeves said

at 2:05 pm on Jul 27, 2009

Great games - many to try out!

Loud Librarian said

at 10:01 am on Jul 30, 2009

What a fantastic resource! I plan on 'stealing' some of these links and posting them on our school intranet! One additional improvement...a drop star '*' system for rating games...from adult perspective, as well as student perspective.

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