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My Top 10

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There are many fine games on our list but if I had to list my top 10 games right now they would be:


1.  SCRATCH - Once students are introduced to this game, they become very creative. Go to the Scratch website to see student projects.

2.  Caduceus - MIT's newest game.

3.  iCue - MIT and NBC have designed a unique portal that is really engaging.

4.  Lure of the Labyrinth - MIT's Education Arcade has created yet another great game! The background music really adds to the atmosphere.

5.  Ed Heads - I just find it fun and love the way you manipulate the different tools (especially in knee surgery).

6.  Starfall - There are many educational flash games but this one should be available on every elementary school webpage.

7.  SFS Kids Music Lab - A Little Night Music never sounded so good as when I played it on the Performalator.

8.  River City - This could be the centerpiece of a middle school scientific inquiry lesson. Unfortunately, awaiting funding so it can continue next year.

9.  Free Rice - Most everyone enjoys playing this and if you don't like vocabulary you can switch to another subject.

10. Zon - OK, so I can't really speak Mandarin Chinese, but just walking around listening, I understand the power of this format to teach a foreign language. 


PLEASE NOTE:  This list will change as new games are added!



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