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Why Games, Why Now

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Our world is transforming before our eyes.  New digital technologies and an interactive web are causing a total shift in communications and commerce. Today's students have grown up immersed in these new technologies and studies have shown they learn differently than preceding generations.  Unfortunately because this shift has happened so quickly, our schools are still teaching skills more suited to an industrialized world than a digitized one.  As a result there is a huge disconnect between what happens in the "real world" and what happens in the classroom.  The latest generation of educational digital games and simulations have the ability to teach in ways never before available.  To quote the MIT Education Arcade white paper, Using the Technology of Today, in the Classroom Today, "these technologies don't just help us teach the old stuff in new ways--they can also help us teach new stuff in new ways." 


To read more about why games are such a powerful teaching resource, we recommend you read the excellent white papers from MIT's Education Arcade including Using the Technology of Today, in the Classroom Today, quoted above, and Moving Learning Games Forward.


The following websites contain many links to educational gaming information:


Social Studies Central Video Games in Education Links



Digital Game-Based Learning: It's Not Just the Digital Natives Who Are Restless



Creating Courses – Digital Games for Learning Links



Penn State’s Educational Gaming Commons



Institute of Play



For research and information about gaming and libraries:

ALA’s Libraries, Literacy, and Gaming



Library Game Lab of Syracuse (Scott Nicholson)



A great website about using board games to teach (Brian Mayer): 

Genesee Valley BOCES School Library System Game Library









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